Exchanges and Returns
Exchanges and Returns


  1. Guarantee of product conformity
    1. Caetana Jewelry is responsible for any lack of conformity of products that exists at the time they are delivered to the User.
    2. The products do not comply with the purchase and sale contract when any of the following facts occur:
  1. When the products do not comply with the description made by Caetana Jewelry on its website or do not have the qualities that Caetana Jewelry has presented to the User as a sample or model;
  2. When the products are not suitable for the specific use for which the User intended them and of which they informed Caetana Jewelry when they entered into the contract and which they accepted;
  3. When the products are not suitable for the uses normally given to goods of the same type;
  4. When the products do not present the usual qualities and performance of goods of the same type and that the User can reasonably expect, taking into account the nature of the good and, possibly, public statements about its specific characteristics, made by Caetana Jewelry or the brand, particularly in advertising or labeling.
    1. Under Consumer Law, the general warranty period for products is 3 (three) years for new products, counting from the date of delivery of the products to the User.
    2. In sales to professionals, Caetana Jewelry is also responsible for any defect in the products that exists at the time they are delivered to the User, with the warranty period being 6 (six) months, counting from the date of delivery of the products to the User.
    3. Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous paragraphs, whenever perishable products are involved, their compliance will only be expected during their respective validity period.
    4. Exceptions to the provisions of the previous paragraphs are cases in which the products sold are sealed and cannot be returned for reasons of health protection or hygiene, when opened after delivery. In these situations, the right to freely terminate the contract is not applicable, and Caetana Jewelry reserves the right to refuse the return of products opened after delivery.


  1. Warranty Exclusions
    1. No lack of conformity or defects in products within the meaning of applicable law are considered to exist if, at the time the contract is concluded, the User is aware of such lack of conformity or defects or cannot reasonably ignore them.
    2. It is also not considered that there is a lack of conformity or defects in the products, which are the responsibility of Caetana Jewelry, the occurrence of defects or defects for which Caetana Jewelry is not responsible, particularly when they arise from the following situations:
  1. Failure to use and/or store products carefully, diligently and/or in accordance with the respective instructions;
  2. The use of products for a purpose other than that for which they were intended;
  3. Production of products according to customer requests and specific characteristics indicated (personalization);
  4. Normal use/consumption of products;
  5. Modification or alteration of products.
    1. Instructions for protecting your products:
  1. Gold and Silver: Gold and silver are soft metals that can wear out. Silver, in particular, may tarnish/oxidize over time, but this process will progress much more quickly if the silver comes into contact with agents such as perfume, chlorine, salt water, creams, sunscreens and makeup. This oxidation process depends on your routine care and is therefore not a manufacturing defect.
  2. Silver and Gold Mesh: The mesh on your bracelets and/or necklaces will, naturally over time, expand by 1-2 centimeters, and this is not considered a manufacturing defect.
  3. Opening Clasps: Never open clasps, for example bracelets, with tools that can force and/or damage the clasp.
  4. Losses: The loss of any item or part thereof is not covered by the warranty.
  5. Breakages: Pieces with glass, pendant beads with or without stones are materials subject to breakage and are not covered by the warranty.
  6. Oxidation: Oxidation disappears over time. This time depends on how your article is handled. The disappearance of oxidation can be caused by several factors: skin perspiration, chlorine, perfumes, creams, sunscreens, medications excreted through the skin, cleaning agents and silver polishing. Oxidation that disappears is considered normal wear and tear and is not a manufacturing defect.
  7. Leather and Fabric: Leather and fabric are natural materials that require protection and some care. Never use your leather or fabric item in water. It is normal for natural variations in tone to occur; these are merely natural characteristics of the leather or fabric.
  8. Stones, Pearls, Enamel and Wood: Prevent pieces with stones, pearls and enamel and wooden beads from being exposed to water, high temperatures or cleaning products. Wood wear is the result of natural wear and tear from using the piece and is not considered a manufacturing defect. Pearls and enamel can only be cleaned with a soft brush or cloth.
    1. Without prejudice to the instructions provided in the previous paragraph for the protection of products, the User acknowledges and agrees that other relevant instructions may be communicated by the manufacturer, be generally known or specific to certain products, and must be followed diligently to ensure safety and product integrity.[CT|P1] 


  1. Procedure
    1. If the purchased Product is not in conformity or suffers from a defect, the User must communicate the situation to Caetana Jewelry, presenting the respective invoice and description of the non-conformity, and the respective products must be delivered to Caetana Jewelry for evaluation.
    2. After receiving the products at Caetana Jewelry's facilities, the reported non-compliance will be checked. In case of lack of conformity under the responsibility of Caetana Jewelry, and given the type of products sold in our online store, the User is entitled, in this order, to one of the following options:
  1. Replacing the product with another with identical characteristics or replacing the product with another of the same value;
  2. Termination of the Contract.
    1. The costs of returning or collecting products under warranty will be borne by Caetana Jewelry whenever it is concluded that the non-conformity in question falls within the warranty period.



  1. Right to free termination of the contract
    1. The provisions of this clause apply exclusively to sales made to final consumers, as defined in Law No. 24/96, of July 31, with subsequent amendments.
    2. The User has the right to freely terminate this contract within 14 calendar days, without needing to indicate any reason. The deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal expires within 14 days from:
  1. From the day on which the User or a third party indicated by the User (with the exception of the carrier), acquires physical possession of the product; or
  2. From the day on which the User or a third party, with the exception of the carrier, indicated by the User, acquires physical possession of the last product, in the case of several goods ordered by the User in a single order and delivered separately.
    1. The right of free resolution may be exercised by the User for all products purchased or just for some of the products included in an order.
    2. To this end, the User must complete the “Free resolution” model suggested below, or send a written and unequivocal communication of their decision to terminate, and may do so by registered letter to the address of Caetana Jewelry, located at Avenida General Humberto Delgado, nº 39 A, 2825-279 Costa da Caparica, Portugal, or by email to the Caetana Jewelry email address, If the User makes use of this last method, Caetana Jewelry will send the User, by email, an acknowledgment of receipt of the request for resolution, within 24 hours.




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I hereby announce that I terminate our purchase and sale contract relating to:



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Ordered in ____/____/_____.

Received in ____/____/_____.



Consumer signature (only if this form is notified on paper):



Local: ___________________. Date ____/____/_____.


    1. For the resolution period to be respected, it is sufficient that the communication regarding the exercise of the free right of resolution is sent before the end of the resolution period provided for in paragraph 2 of this Clause.


  1. Obligations of the parties arising from the free resolution of the contract
    1. When the products have already been delivered to the User, the User must, within 14 days from the date on which they communicate their decision to terminate the contract to Caetana Jewelry, return the products to Caetana Jewelry, being responsible for bearing the costs arising from the return and exchange of products, namely shipping costs, payment method fees (credit card, ATM, Pay Pal, MB Way, cash on delivery).
    2. In the event of termination of this contract, before the order is received by the User, payments made by the User will be refunded, except for costs arising from returning and exchanging products, namely shipping costs, payment method fees (Pay Pal, ATM, credit or debit card).
    3. Caetana Jewelry reserves the right to withhold the refund of amounts paid by the User until the products are returned.
    4. The refund will be made using the same payment method used in the initial transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise by the User.
    5. The User must preserve the products in such a way as to be able to return them in the appropriate conditions, in their complete original packaging, and always accompanied by the corresponding receipt or original invoice.
    6. The contractual right to return products applies exclusively to products that can be returned in the same conditions in which the User received them. Any product that has been damaged or shows signs of use beyond simply opening its external packaging, namely because the respective labels have been removed/cut or any security seals have been broken, Caetana Jewelry may reject the refund.
    7. If the above conditions are not met, the return will be rejected, and an email will be sent to the User indicating the respective reasons. In this case, the User will have the option of requesting the resending of products not accepted for return, with resending costs being borne.